Howdy! Welcome to my blog! Fishing has always been a passion of mine, and so I am pretty excited to start writing up words about my favorite hobby. And, I mean, truth be told, there aren’t a lot of reliable sources of information about this sort of thing. Why sure, my blog isn’t the only blog out there talking about fishing, reeling, tackle and that sort of stuff, but you can’t always trust what you read out there on the internet. And while I don’t claim to be any sort of be-all, end-all expert, I’m sure my experiences will help in writing up some interesting facts and tips to keep any fish fanatic out there interested. I bear no guarantees that you’ll be interested, though, since most of this is primarily whatever I find interesting.

So what do I find interesting, you may ask? Well, fishing, obviously. But in particular, I’ve got an interest in discovering more effective and efficient ways to fish, and this blog will be a nice platform to share what I learn. Though I’ve been fishing most of my life, there’s still a few new tricks this old dog picks up every now and then. And while I’m not the most up-to-date fisherman out there, I’m still more than willing to share what I hear and what I know works for me.

Other than that, I’m something of an expert when it comes to fishing tackle. Which isn’t saying much, I realize, seeing as most fishers out there know how to pack up for themselves. But as for myself, I’ve been helping fishers get ready to go out since before I knew how to fish! Yes, back when I was a little kid, I helped my old man and my older brothers set up their fishing boxes for their fishing trips. I guess, due in part to that, I’ve always had a fascination for the various odds and ends needed to catch fish, the lures and rods people use to reel in the big ones. Fly lines, sinkers, bobbers, traps, there’s just all sorts of stuff out there, and I’d like to talk about some of the most interesting things a fisher can have in his or her tackle box.

So I hope you enjoy your stay here on my blog! I know it’s not much now, and I’m not a guy with a lot of free time, but I’ll keep it updated as much as I can. And while I’m not the most tech-savvy kind of guy out there, I know enough to keep this web space updated with fresh fishing tips and hopefully interesting reviews on fishing tackle and paraphernalia. So keep an eye out here, and I’ll share what I know!