Which Is The Best Kayak For Bass Fishing

Kayak fishing is becoming more and more popular among freshwater fishers. Perhaps because of the affordability of kayaks, as opposed to larger, powered fishing boats, many bass fishers have taken to kayaks for their bass fishing trips. So then, what makes for a good bass-fishing kayak?  To understand this is to understand what advantages, other than cost, a kayak offers for bass fishing in particular, and what some of the best kayaks do to accentuate these advantages. Understanding this will go a long way in helping one understand what makes some kayaks better than others in terms of bass fishing.

Now, one of the main advantages kayaks offer over traditional fishing boats is just the amount of versatility and maneuverability such a small boat offers in comparison to larger ships. Kayaks are small, often built to be operated and maneuvered by one person. They can get into smaller streams and bodies of water that are often inaccessible to larger bass boats. Maneuverability is a large advantage kayaks have, and so the best kayaks are often the most maneuverable.

Yet another advantage kayaks have over larger boats is just how much quieter they tend to run than motorized watercraft. Someone with a light paddle and a quiet approach can ambush fish that a motor might otherwise scare. So, to this end, the best kayaks are also often the most quiet, silently drifting through calm and choppy water.

My Best Kayak for Fishing Bass

So, with this in mind, what kayaks out there are the best for bass fishing? Well, this isn’t exactly a comprehensive list, but the following kayaks are some of the most ideal for serious freshwater fishermen looking to bag a few bass.

The Heron 9 Angler from Old Town is one of the best angling kayaks out there for those looking to fish on a budget. The boat has a light frame and a relatively small profile, which makes it pretty much perfect for stealthy approaches into narrow streams or other small bodies of water. The boat also has a no-nonsense interior design, which doesn’t allow a lot of space for extra-prepared fishermen to carry their gear, but it holds enough to get most through their days. It’s not a choice for professionals, but for casual bass fishers, it’s a great deal.

best bass fishing kayak

Another good angling kayak within the $1k range is the Pelican Premium Intrepid 100X Angler. And don’t be fooled by the name, as this boat often goes for around $500 MSRP! It’s another small, lightweight kayak, with a functional interior design and a lithe frame. This one is made more for those who want to move through waters quickly, though, as the Intrepid 100X’s “Multi Chine” hull cuts through waters with surprising ease given its weight and size.

Those willing to spend a little more on their bass fishing rig may want to consider Ocean’s Trident 13 Angler, a sit-on-top that’s ideal for nearly any kind of fishing situation, with features often seen in professional kayaks, but still within the $1k limit. This kayak is thin and maneuverable, but it has a lot of room for storage and mounting fish finders and other sorts of add-ons. This particular kayak also makes no sacrifices to stability in its pursuit for maneuverability, as the design of the kayak keeps it firmly in water, even when in a struggle with a spunky smallmouth or two.


These are but three of some of the best bass fishing kayaks out there, three that are inexpensive but well-suited for the job and well-worth investigating. You may decide to spend a little more on something more specialized for your needs, but these three may be good for any beginner anglers who’re looking to get their feet wet with bass fishing.

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